TrimWire mobile quarry saw by Pellegrini

TRIMWIRE harmonizes the advantages of a stationary machine with a mobile quarry machine!
Very unique, TrimWire is a single wire structure installed on a tracks vehicle equipped with a diesel engine that makes the system independent from any external energy source. See brochure for the Trimwire Mobile Quarry Saw.

  • The mobile quarry saw is designed to be easily configured for transport from quarry to quarry on trailer.
  • Once the machine has been stabilized on the side of the block by 4 hydraulic stabilizers, the cutting arch is brought to the desired height and opened to align the wire to the face of the block to be cut.
  • The cut is performed vertically thanks to the movement of the arch structure along the column.
  • The wire is driven by a motor flywheel 1000 mm diameter and guided by 600 mm diameter wheels.
  • The entire cutting structure can also move along the rails (4 meters) placed on the top of the vehicle to allow the realization of different thicknesses with a single positioning of the vehicle.
  • All the drives are hydraulic and the main controls are operated by radio control device.