Vianini Hole-Finder Kit

Vianini Hole-Finder Kit sold & serviced locally at Miles Supply. Parts, repair, and calibration.

When drilling quarry saw holes and you miss, the hole-finder will suggest the closest location to re-drill. Using transmitting and receiving probes in either hole, the suitcase-sized Hole-Finder indicates the minimum distance; where to drill the next time.

Vianini Cerca Fori 2.0 is from Italy but conveniently stocked here in the US.

How it works:
Receiving Probe can be inserted into either the horizontal or vertical hole but stays near the instrument panel.

Transmitting Probe goes into the other drilled hole and is moved until the lights DX-SX flash reverse, indicating the closest point to the other hole on its axis.

Slowly moving the receiving probe obtains the minimum distance, which is then displayed.