Vortex Diamond Blades

Miles Supply’s Vortex blades are engineered by a top-notch German company. Featuring a 12mm Diamond height. Wet/Dry blade.


20mm arbor | 4 countersunk holes | 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 9″.
5/8″ arbor, for flush cutting concrete or stone.

Brass adapter, sold separately, fits most angle grinders 5/8-11 x 20mm.

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  • DA0249 | DA0250 | DA0251 | DA0252 | DA0275 | DA000166

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Product Variations
DA02494" VORTEX WET/DRY BLADE $451 lbs$45.00
DA02505" VORTEX WET/DRY BLADE $501 lbs$50.00
DA02516" VORTEX WET/DRY BLADE $551 lbs$60.54
DA02527" VORTEX WET/DRY BLADE $652 lbs$65.00
DA02759" VORTEX WET/DRY BLADE $902 lbs$94.61
DA000166Brass Adapter 5/8-11 x 20mm $24.19.5 lbs$25.25