FLIR b50 Infrared Camera

– Thermal sensitivity: 100 mK
– 140×140 IR resolution
– 2.3 megapixel digital camera
– Built-in LED lights
– Laser pointer
– >5 hour battery life (field replaceable)

FLIR b50 is a heavyweight performing infrared camera specifically designed for building inspections such as missing insulation, HVAC heating and cooling issues, moisture detection, electrical problems, plumbing problems, termite & pest infestation, and much more. So small and lightweight you can carry them with you anytime. Easy to understand and operate.

Rentals Available – CD0017

Combining a 0.6-2.3 megapixel digital camera with an infrared detector enables Picture-in-Picture (PiP in 3 steps) “fusion” imaging. Superimposes an infrared section over a digital image of an area being inspected. The Laser Pointer pinpoints the hot spot on an IR image with the real physical target.

Built-in insulation and dew point alarms highlight areas where insulation may be missing or which excess moisture may be present.