Diamantfil DF 1200 SHV diamond wire saw

Multi-function stationary diamond wire saw
• Slab Splitting, Horizontal & Vertical cutting (SHV)
• Stone panels
• block dressing squaring
• production of slabs
…from one dimension stone block.

Cut width of 2.5 meters, height 1.2 meters, depth 3.5 meters.
Length of rails is 7.35 meters.

DF 1200SHV offers space reduction, easy/quick assembly, simple foundations with the usual precision cutting of Pellegrini saws.

Jolly version adds profiling ability!

Heavy rigid structure, equipped with 20 ton block trolley. The 1.2 meter flywheels (by electric motor with inverter) adjusted linear speed 0-40 mt/sec. Up-down carriages of the flywheels move independently on recirculating ball guides facilitating the alignment of the wire to the stone panel for splitting. Two groups of guide-wheels are horizontally manually adjustable, and manually rotated by 90 degrees and fixed in any position, to be placed near the block or slab, granting high accuracy. For marble, granite, and natural stone.