Pellegrini Polywire 5 S

This 5 diamond wire system combines production, flexibility and accuracy. Thickness range between 2.1-14.5 cm. Cuts both “cm” and “inch” sizes. Computer controlled. Uses guide wheel or guide drum. Catalog: Pellegrini_Polywire_5_S

Features a robust portal structure; the two main carriages move vertically along the columns on recirculating ball bearing guides and support on one side, the big diameter motor drum and on the opposite side, the five tensioning flywheels.

  • The motor drum (diam. 2.35 mt) is provided with a series of grooves with 10 mm pitch, which accepts the diamond wires in the different cutting configurations.
  • Each carriage supports a guide drum (diam. 40 cm) which is itself equipped with a series of grooves, 10 mm pitch, granting cutting precision even for the execution of small thickness slabs.
  • Each tensioning flywheel (diam. 2.35 mt) is equipped with the well-known “multi pull” patented system, granting an independent tension of each diamond wire and controlling the relevant conditions each moment through a sensor.
  • A primary electro-mechanic tensioning system further allows placing of all the flywheels group in the suitable working position, granting an easy intervention on the wires during maintenance phases.
  • A mechanical device is operated through a crank to adjust the thicknesses of the slabs into a range between 2.1 and 14.5 cm, in a simple and fast way. The thicknesses of the slabs can be the same or even mixed in the same shot.
  • The control panel includes a PC for setting the cutting parameters, the automatic control of the tension on each diamond wire, the diagnosis of eventual faults and their storage. It is also possible to connect with a network to allow the remote assistance.