Fraccaroli & Balzan Water Treatment Plants

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Water filtration systems
Worldwide Leader in waste water treatment plants

The waste water treatment and recycling plants, of which Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. is the world leader since the 1970’s, make it possible to fully recycle the water used in industrial processes and to re-use it in a continuous cycle, without any losses into the environment. The residual mud is dehydrated and can be dumped without problems. The waste water treatment plants are used in very many different sectors, like stone processing factories, quarries, crushing plants, ceramic industries, aggregates.
Water Treatment Schematic
Filter Press
A – Waste water collection tank (decanter & feeding pump are shown)
B – Automatic flocculant station
C – Static decanter
D – Automatic mud discharge
E – Homogenizing mud tank
F – Filterpress feeding pump
G – Filterpress
H – Clean water tank


Miles Supply is pleased to offer Fraccaroli & Balzan water treatment systems. Fraccaroli is known throughout Europe for this high quality equipment. With Miles Supply, Fraccaroli is able to determine what size water treatment system is best for your needs. These systems remove the need for “Sludge Pits” and the need to clean them every month. These units are self contained and separate the waste product and the water. In the end, the recycled water returns to your plant for use. Call us today, so that we may determine what system is best for your needs.


Decantation of waste water and dehydration of mud coming from the industrial processing of marble, granite and stone.

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