Fraccaroli & Balzan Water Treatment Systems

With Miles Supply and F&B, we are able to customize the size water treatment system to your application.

  • * water filtration systems remove the need for “Sludge Pits” and the need to clean them every month.
  • * units are self contained and separate the waste product and the water. In the end, the recycled water returns to your plant for use.
  • * Fraccaroli & Balzan water recycling and waste water treatment plants are known throughout the world for their high quality equipment.

Call us today, to help you determine what Fraccaroli & Balzan water recycling and waste water treatment plant is best for your needs.

Water Treatment example: Fraccaroli & Balzan – a set up for the Stone Industry

A customer's set up for water treatmentWaste Water Filtration Plants for the Stone Industry
1. Waste water collection tank & pumps
2. Automatic Flocculant Station
3. Vertical Clarifier Silo
4. Automatic Mud Discharge Valve
5. Tank for slurry homogenizing
6. Centrifugal pump for feeding Filterpress
7. Filterpress
8. Collection Tank for purified water

How does it work?
-Waste water goes into dirty water pit with Sump Pump *1*
-Dirty water is pumped into silo. As it goes up the pipe and into the silo the Flocculant is pumped in *2*
-1 and 2 come together.
-After the flocculant, it goes into the Silo *3*
-Then the heavies settle, the Pneumatic valve opens *4*
-When 4 opens it goes into Homogenizing tank *5*
-Then the sludge pump *6* pumps to filter press *7*
-Clean water gravity feeds into tank *8*

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