Pellegrini Single Diamond Wire Saws

Single diamond wire saws available in many versions as to control system and to size; for cutting dimensions of up to 3500 mm height and 6 m width.

Single wire saw for dressing blocks and cutting slabs. Has two main flywheels of large diameter (250 or 200 cm as to the maximum cutting height needed) to maximize the cutting speed and the life of the diamond wire. The wire tensioning system is hydraulic.

DF 2000-2500 PLUS Single wire saw for dressing blocks and cutting slabs; similar to the above wire saw but fitted with a fully electronic control and tensioning system and with a PLC for automatic slabbing.

DF JOLLY Single wire saw for dressing blocks but fitted with a 2-axis CNC system that enables cutting of two-dimension profiles as well as slabbing.

VERSIONI ROLLER – All the above machines can be supplied in the Roller or Gantry version; the machine on a track, and the blocks stationary.

DF TWIN CUT Fast block-dressing system including one fixed Diamantifil machine and one Roller. Also includes a block carriage with a turntable. Allows two cuts at the same time at the required distance.

DF 1200 SHV Cut width of 2.5 meters, height 1.2 meters, depth 3.5 meters. Length of rails is 7.35 meters.

TRIMWIRE for quarries – this is a mobile diamond wire saw on tracks with remote control…!

Diamantfil® Compact for squaring & slabbing stone blocks. Single wire with automatic cutting and built-in electronic tensioning. Available in Jolly version for profiling 2D.

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