Dust Trap by Miles Supply

The DUST TRAP dust collector by Miles Supply
Cabinet water-curtain style dust suppression system.

  • Wet filtering design
  • Low energy
  • Compact and adaptable
  • Meets differing power requirements

Wet filter for bench stone dust. See Dust Trap flyer.

The Miles Supply Dust Trap collects dust through a water curtain. The dust collector creates a wall of water through a recycling sump pump. Two motor fans create a suction that pulls the dust particles through the water to settle on the bottom of the unit. Nozzles in the spray bars are uniquely designed to stay clean. An optional shroud extends sides and roof to make better suction.

Maintenance Schedule
Once a week:
•  Empty the tank and sprayed out the sludge with a hose.
•  Fill water back to the required levels.
Once every 3 months:
•  Rinse and clean the aspiration filters; take out and spray with light water pressure.
Power Requirements 230VAC 60 HZ 30 Amps
Overall size of the unit: 103 x 84 x 28 inches.
Parts include:
1 sump pump with float for low water warning
2 fans with protection screens
Pump Ebara Model 50DWXU61.52 centrifugal pump 235gpm fixed 240 3ph, 6.8 amp
Fans 18″, 6 blade, 1/3hp, 1725rpm, 3350cfm @ 0″, 75db 240 / 480-  4/2.2 ampm