Pellegrini Multiple Wire Saws from 5-72

High production diamond wire saws...
Big wheels assure the longest diamond wire life… 
(see these on Pellegrini website)

PolyOne multiwire
Make double the cuts with one wire! Able to make 20 cuts of 1 cm slabs in one single shot, (or the standard 2 and 3 cm slabs) using only 10 wires…

Machine to cut slabs, for up to 5 diamond wires. PLC control system. Available in Gantry.

Pentawire 5/5 AT fastest way for thickness adjustment!
Multiwire system combines production and flexibility; runs up to 5 diamond wires and changes thicknesses and mixed thicknesses in the same shot, cuts on both “cm” / “inch” and non-standard thicknesses.

Polywire 5/16 Polywire
Stationary multiple diamond wire saw cuts up to 16 slabs at a time, in marble or granite. Controlled by a computerized system with a PLC.

Polywire 5/34 Polywire Catalog
Stationary multiple diamond wire saw cuts up to 34 slabs at the same time. Complete with a PLC and CNC system.

Polywire 5 S more info uses guide wheel or drum; flexibility and accuracy…

Eptawire 7 independent guide wheels for flexible thickness

DECAWIRE 10 wires for thin and thick slabs 2-10cm
Decawire COMPACT 10 wires for thin & thick slabs 2-10cm
DoDECAWIRE 12 wires for thin and thick slabs 2-8cm
also in VTVV version

Polywire 40 best machine to process blocks up to 1m depth in one shot…

MagicSlab cut up to 45 slabs in one drop in a compact footprint
Magicwire 16 compact innovative geometry, up to 16 diamond wires

Polywire 54 more info best machine to process blocks up to 1.5m depth in one shot…

Diablo 72 Stationary multiple diamond wire saw cuts up to 72 slabs at a time. PLC and CNC system.