Texture with Lupato Meccanica!

Go to BLOG home pageSee Lupato Finishes Catalog for the texture you are looking for. Miles Supply is happy to partner with Lupato Meccanica of Italy!

The finish: Whether your texture is bush hammering, sanding, sandblasting, nicking, scratching, rolling, anti-skid, or grooving.

The tooling: Lupato offers a solution for your grinder, line polisher, edge polisher, radial arm machine, or even a bridge saw. See Lupato videos.  Also see our Lupato page or Lupato’s website.

Most textures work for marble and granite.

We now have a CNC attachment for several of the finishes, which means that we can sandblast, bush hammer, and provide a rotary nicking finish utilizing a CNC machine.

Lupato Meccanica Add texture with Lupato products