Pellegrini’s La Rossa Surfacing Machine and Lupato’s Texturizing Plates

La Rossa Surfacing Machine runs 4 rotating heads on 4 independent bridges which makes for a wide range of finishes at a high speed! Can attach frankfurt bricks or brushes (for honing or a leathered, satin or antique finish), Lupato plates (for a variety of texture), Miles Supply’s PadHead™ grinding head with diamond pads (for hone or polish effect).

LaRossa Surfacing Machine shown with LupatoThis innovation saves set-up time and production time!

Treatments, which can be mixed, on marble are: comma, chamfering, roto bushammering, sandblasting, brushing, antiquing, polishing, and grinding. Treatments on granite are: roto bush-hammering, sandblasting, antiquing, polishing, and grinding.

LA ROSSA has a working height of 25cm and is controlled by a pneumatic piston which is able to change the load applied according to requirements for finishing.

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Lupato-LaRossa Textures

Lupato-La Rossa textures

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