A Give Back Winner for May!

Miles Supply is happy to announce winning customer Harsha Monument Company they chose Boy Scout Troop 290 in Seaman, Ohio to receive the $500 donation in our MILES SUPPLY GIVES BACK program!
Boy Scouts
“Thank you for giving us the opportunity through the “Miles Supply GIVE BACK campaign,” to help our local youth organization. We have decided to have the proceeds sent to a local Boy Scout Troop in our vicinity. With summer camp approaching we’re sure that they will put this to good use. These boys work really hard to help the community grow around them with various community service and Eagle Scout projects. Examples of that would be flagging veterans graves for Memorial Day, busing tables for the American Legion during the summer and fall festivals, and helping out on a broader scale such as replacing the flag pole at a local cemetery, reseeding of Serpent Mound, and trail improvement at Adams Lake State Park. They also volunteer at Camp Oyo during Beaver Days, during which various maintenance projects are completed such as paintings walls, replacing windows screens, changing lights, removing down trees, fixing bunk beds, etc 
Thanks again for helping us here at ‘The Harsha Monument Company’ help by giving back to our local youth organization.”

Here’s the list, so far, of those who received donations from MILES SUPPLY GIVES BACK:

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