Miles Supply Products Slideshow

This is the slideshow that we show at our booths at various trade shows.

We have so many products – nearly 8000 items that we sell – it is difficult to portray the vast amount we are ready to supply! Although “everything you need for the Stone Industry” really sums it up, we have the general major categories like sandblasting, monument, stone machinery, surfacing, diamond tools, quarry equipment and supplies, safety PPE, and construction. But also the subcategories – Like Stencil Supplies, Sandblasting Equipment, SandHandler, Sandblasting Supplies, Abrasives, Compressors, Sandblast Safety

MONUMENT: Adhesives, Cemetery Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, tone Marking Devices and Paper, Miscellaneous Manufacturing Items, Carbide Tools, Shipping Supplies, Handling, Vacuum Lifters, Etching Equipment

STONE MACHINERY: Pellegrini, Fraccaroli & Balzan, Polishing Machines, Surfacing Machines, Edge Polishing, Pellegrini Parts

POLISHING | SURFACING: PadHead™, Polishing Accessories, Power Tools, Polishing Pads, Textured Surfacing, LUPATO, Brushes, Top Polishing, Flatbed Polishing, Auto Edge Polishing

DIAMOND TOOLS: Diamond Products, Diamond Blades, Turbo Blades, Countertop, Cup heels, CNC Tooling, Core Drills

QUARRY: Quarry Equipment, Hydro-Bags, Drilling and Coring, Diamond Wire, Water Treatment Plants, Compressors

CONSTRUCTION: Building Materials, Surveying & Laser, Concrete Saws, Shield & Shoring, Miscellaneous Tools, Compactors, Safety Signs, Weatherization

SAFETY (PPE): Ear Safety, Eye Protection, Hand Protection, Respiratory Protection, Roof Fall Protection, Head Gear, First Aid & CPR, Protective Clothing, Footwear and more!

What do we have? Sit back, view, and get a bit of the scope of our products in our slideshow!