Partnerships: Boart & Wire, Gloex, SRD Tools, Lupato

Miles Supply is proud to be suppliers of: Boart & Wire, Gloex, SRD Tools, and Lupato. Examples of our partnerships with many top notch suppliers known for their quality in the stone industry.

  • Boart & Wire Diamond wire for multiwire, stationary, quarry, and more
  • Gloex fickert bricks, frankfurt bricks, and diamond pads
  • SRD Tools for CNC tooling and more…
  • Lupato line of plates, rollers, and machines for texturing surfaces
Boart & Wire

Products from SRD Tools; “tools, materials equipment for processing stone” include finger bits, stubbing wheels, CNC core bits, sculpture bits, routers, step cutting… call us for more!