January Winner for YOUTH ORG! Miles Supply Gives Back 2018

The voting for this month is closed and we have a winner! (all are winners but we have a winner for the $500 donation. – Sonny Partlow Kids Fishing Derby – See below) keep posted here for next month!
Fishing Derby

2018 Miles Supply Gives Back Program  <-click link to read about our exciting revisions to our program in 2018!

Each month, staff from one of our locations will choose 3 Youth Organizations from their area or even from customers’ requests. (each location will do this approx 2x this year) 

Each Youth Organization below will receive a donation from Miles Supply Gives Back program!

Vote for the Youth Organization to receive the first prize. (more info on each at bottom of page)
First prize donation: $500 | Second prize donation: $250 | Third prize donation: $100!

Winners will be notified and posted here and on our Facebook page. (when polls are open, please VOTE below:)

(If VOTE button does not appear above, someone on your computer may have voted or Voting is Closed.) Voting closes on January 22, 2018 @ 8:30am

Scroll down to see some links and info about these local orgs:

Green Mountain Conservation camps info:

  • https://www.facebook.com/Green-Mountain-Conservation-Camp-320755434737873/ — great pics!
  • “I would like to request giving back to the local community by sending a few boys and girls to the Green Mountain Conservation camps. At Buck Lake in Woodbury. It is a one week camp for kids aged 12-14 years old. They learn about: Ecology, 1st Aid, Fishing, Archery, Shooting, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Firearms, and Forestry.”
  • Tuition is $250 for the week, including food, lodging and equipment. Please check the Fish & Wildlife website (http://vtfishandwildlife.com) for more information, including scholarship availability.
  • Green Mountain Conservation Camp

Vermont Youth Development Program info:

  • This is a great infoGraphic!
  • “I would nominate YDP because there are so many less fortunate kids that deserve a chance at things that some of us take for granted. I feel everyone deserves a chance and unfortunately, children can’t pick that they are in these situations but they can sure try to make a better life for themselves if given the opportunities. I also feel there are some kids that just need a bit of guidance and without the right parenting they don’t always get it so this program can help with that.”
  • vtyouthdevelopmentprogram.org
VT Youth DevelopmentVT Youth Development Program

Sonny Partlow Kids Fishing Derby Lake Champlain info:

  • All Kids win a prize!
  • Cookout ( with free lunch for the kids and families )
  • Bike give-a-ways and other prizes.
  • “Sonny started this derby as a way to get kids involved in the sport of fishing, he soon died of cancer but the derby still survives in his name!”
  • More than 100 kids participate each year. (130-140 last year!)