Paint Remover – Elephant Snot Really Works!

paint remover Elephant Snot
Paint Remover – Elephant Snot – we tested it here at Miles Supply… and we love it!

We tested other paint or stain removers and they were not working… we found a paint remover that really works!

Elephant Snot Graffiti Remover was tested by our staff here at Miles Supply. We used a stone that had our black Stone Tone paint on it for years and then we also sprayed on red paint and allowed to dry, as you see here. As the instructions say: apply, wait, and rinse; we did just that; we applied the elephant snot, we waited a little while and rinsed it off. To rinse, we used a pressure washer – and both the old black paint and the newer red paint came off!! We were impressed!
We didn’t have to use the Shadow Max because the Elephant Snot worked so well.

The stone on the right had old black paint on it and we also sprayed the red paint to see if it could be removed… The stone on the left shows the great results!red and black paint removed

Here it is from another angle. Both the old black paint and the red graffiti were successfully removed!

Elephant Snot

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Graffiti Remover Elephant Snot. Works great for stone, concrete, brick and granite. After an approx wait time of 20 minutes or more, power wash the paint right off! Best with hot water; wait longer for cold water use; use a brush to agitate if only using a hose to rinse off. Use Shadow Max if ghosting occurs from paint stains.

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