June & July “Winner” Miles Supply Gives Back

Have you been wondering about this and last month’s Miles Supply Gives Back beneficiaries?

We have chosen the ‘winning’ Youth Org Charity this time. Donations for the months of June and July have gone to a local Barre project: Cornerstone Field.

Here’s a bit of info so far:
This effort is to raise money for the baseball field that has been abandoned for several years (formerly Rotary Field) near the BCEMS, Playground 2000/Charlie’s Playground and Barre Pool. The project is expected to cost $20,000 and will include replacing most of the field’s chain-link fence, installing chain-link dugouts on existing concrete pads, and constructing a 12-foot-tall, 40-foot-wide pressure-treated plywood “wall” that would be painted green and installed along the left field fence.

"before" picture of Cornerstone Field

This is the “before” picture, thanks to Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, we look forward to seeing the “after” picture being used by many of our Barre Youth and their visiting teams.