Miles Supply in the News – Summer Graniteer!

Elberton Staff of Miles Supply in the Graniteer! (read text of this article below)

Graniteer article Summer 2019

Page 11 in Summer Graniteer 2019

More shots of Miles Supply staff from the Summer Graniteer magazine:

pic from MBNA conference pic from MBNA pic from StonExpo

text from the first article:

The Elbert County Middle School Beta Club received the top donation this Spring from the Miles Supply Give Back Program.

Pictured is Owner Mark Crook and recipient Angela Scoggins for the Jr Beta Club.
The Jr Beta Club was not the only beneficiary; each month members of the Miles Supply staff nominate 3 Youth Organizations to receive Give Back donations. Community supporters get involved by rallying and voting for the top donation of $500. Elbert County High School Golf and Elbert County High School Baseball received $250 and $100 donations, respectively. Our Elberton, Georgia staff generally choose Youth Program nominees in the local community twice a year.

Miles Supply says of their program: “Miles Supply’s Give Back program truly describes our philosophy; an emphasis on our employees and our family. Sure, we love selling products and machines, we enjoy meeting new people and spending time with friends we’ve known for years, but at the end of the day, we love to give back. We love to see the smile on a kid’s face. We love being a part of the community. We’re really excited about Miles Supply Gives Back and the young people that will benefit in your community.”

See also the bottom of pages 6 and 7 in the Summer Graniteer magazine.

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Some Miles Supply Staff in Elberton GA