August Give Back Program – PA

Our Miles Supply staff in Pennsylvania chose these WINNING Youth Organizations.
(Learn about the programs by scrolling down to bottom.) (…All 3 were winners – you VOTED for the top)

August: VOTE for top donation in Miles Supply GIVES BACK to go to:

  • Choconut Valley Dance Program (54%, 6,750 Votes)
  • Susquehanna County Community Cheerleading (SCCC) (40%, 4,997 Votes)
  • Elk Lake Archery Club (7%, 869 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,616

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Voting closed on September 3rd

The MILES SUPPLY GIVES BACK program permits YOU to vote each month for the Youth Program that you wish to receive the top donation of $500!

Every month, Miles Supply staff from one of our locations chooses 3 Youth Organizations
–This is also where you can help. Do you have a suggestion for an organization? Talk to an employee to get it nominated!

YOU vote for the Youth Organization to receive the first prize.
First prize donation:       $500
Second prize donation:  $250
Third prize donation:      $100
Already Winners: each Youth Organization will receive a donation from the Miles Supply Gives Back program!

Winners are notified and posted in this Blog and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
(view results of votes throughout the year) Learn about each program by scrolling down below.——

Elk Lake Archery Club –

Giving Back Program in Pennsylvania—-

Susquehanna County Community Cheerleading (SCCC)

Give Back program in PASCC Cheerleading in Montrose is an All for the kids youth sports organization for residents of Susquehanna and surrounding counties in NE Pennsylvania.

We love all things cheer, but to keep our program cost-effective for the children, we are all volunteers.

Susquehanna County Community Cheerleading is a non-profit youth organization in Susquehanna County, PA. We are founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and “all for the kids.” We encourage parental participation in all aspects of our organization and strive for a fun, exciting, and happy place for your children.

We have been trying to purchase cheer mats and this will be a big step in that direction. A full-floor of mats is 7 and they cost over $500 apiece. Once again, thank you so very much!

Choconut Valley Dance Program

Choconut Valley Dance Program has been in existence for decades.
It is a program that includes male and female students from preschool through 12th grade and invites students of all abilities.
This program offers discounted dance instruction, by teachers that have dozens of years of dance and teaching experience, to students that may never have an opportunity to experience the art of dance due to cost or proximity to a studio. No student is ever turned away for inability to pay and those students’ tuition is absorbed by the program.