The best machine hands down – Pellegrini EVO

Thank you, Luke, for this testimonial to Miles Supply & Pellegrini!

I haven’t really taken the time in the past to do this, but I wanted to write a sincere testimonial of my experience with Eric Chaloux, Miles Supply and Pellegrini.

When I expanded my stone fabrication shop, I was interested in a wire saw. After researching all of my options, Pellegrini stood out as the best machine hands down. I contacted Miles Supply and express my need for a custom Pellegrini EVO profiling wire saw that would allow us to fabricate any size stone block. Eric walked me through the entire process, listened to our concerns and delivered a machine that was a perfect fit for our company. The technician for Pellegrini who installed and set up the machine couldn’t have done a more thorough job. We are MORE than pleased with our experience with Eric, Miles Supply and Pellegrini. Thank you!!!!

Luke Busker
LBM Stone and Fabrication

Can you add a mic drop in there too – lol.

We love the kudos to our service, we pride ourselves in offering that. We also note that in researching, Luke concluded on the superiority of the Pellegrini EVO Robotwire wire saw.

best machine Pellegrini EVO profile wire saw
Pellegrini EVO wire saw

Pellegrini EVO wire saw accommodates different size blocks with profiling abilities.