Need a solution for water treatment and dust control?

Solutions for Water and Dust Control dust trap and torit dust collectors Plants to filter water by Fraccaroli and Balzan compact plant for water treatment veneer blades and tipping

Solutions for water and dust control at Miles Supply.
Dust Collection Solutions
The DUST TRAP dust collector by Miles Supply
Cabinet water-curtain style dust suppression system.
For bench stone dust
• Wet filtering design • Low energy • Compact and adaptable • Meets differing power requirements

Water Treating Solutions by Fraccaroli & Balzan… Fraccaroli & Balzan’s only focus is water treatment and they have had 60 years in the water treatment business. They have 100’s of plants worldwide from 100 GPM to 5000 GPM. Portable compact plants also available for many applications.

Don’t forget BLADES:
At Miles Supply we have
20˝ to 48˝ designed specifically for veneer machines
• Throwaways as well as re-tippable
• Tipping service at 5 locations.

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