SandHandler Article in Graniteer

SandHandler article in Graniteer excerpted from page 8 of Graniteer Magazine:

SandHandler featured in Graniteer

Childs & Childs Granite Company needed an updated sandblast system so they contacted Miles Supply in Elberton Georgia.

Childs & Childs Granite Company purchased the updated 15′ SandHandler so their Team can sandblast between 4 to 5 stones at one time, depending on the size of the stone, without the need to change anything over or stop to unclog any nozzles. Up to eight patterns can be programmed at once. The system is set up to be simple with an automatic and a manual capability. This means the Team can set the stone up using the computer controlled touch screen control panel and walk away without worry. There are eight patterns that are completely independent of each other and can do frosted panels evenly.
(In 2018, the SandHandler sandblasting & abrasive recovery system was updated with a servo system.)

The chamber is built with double-walled steel construction and lined with rubber interior walls for a totally enclosed and sealed environment. This eliminates abrasive loss, dust outside the booth and stops moisture from getting inside the booth. This allows for a quieter work area to protect the employees that run the machine.
Included in the Sand Handler is the automatic abrasive pick-up unit. This unit saves time and manpower in recovering the sand for reuse without the need to shovel it.

This new machine is the perfect addition to the Childs & Childs production as it speeds up the amount of stones that can be processed daily and limits employees needing to manually sandblast each stone.

excerpted text from page 8 of Graniteer Magazine:

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