Carving: Thinking About Automation?

October’s MBNews is themed around Tooling & Carving

tooling and carving automated or manualThat got us thinking. Miles Supply has just about everything needed for manual shaping or automated carving.


hand carving tools










Miles Supply carries chisels, tracers, mallets, angle grinders, and compressors but also profile machines, robotic CNC equipment – and all the tooling and materials to run them all.
Diamond points & blades (Miles Mini Cutter)
Sculpture bits (DB0090, DB0091)
-Carbide tracer chisel
-Carbide handset chisel
-Carbide chipper chisel
-Carbide tipped drill bits
-Machine chisels

Are you thinking about automation?

It can be even more of a solution now, considering the times we’re living in. Some machines can go without an operator needing to be present and with the help of production machinery, some things don’t need to be a lost art.

Give us a call! With end-of-year budgets looming, this is an opportune time to consider upgrading.

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