Miles Supply Pennsylvania’s Purchase of BX3

Miles Supply in Pennsylvania has bought BX3


In November 2021, Miles Supply announced its purchase of BX3. We’re happy to serve the BX3 family of customers! Miles Supply is a family-owned and locally operated company that has served the Bluestone market for many years. We look forward to being a part of your success! Miles Supply and BX3 stores are an “industrial hardware store” in addition to the bluestone market. We’ll continue to have industrial-grade tools and equipment.

BX3 store has the same phone # 570-278-7368 and is still located at 16 Ellsworth Dr., Montrose, PA

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Products BX3 – PA has had to offer include—-BX3-Miles Supply Milwaukee Power ToolsMilwaukee Power Tools
We offer the retail purchase of Milwaukee Power tools! Since 1942, when Milwaukee began its business, they have been the power tool leader in both performance and durability. Milwaukee continues to improve their tools and add new options every day! Stop in to get your Milwaukee tools and become a part of the family!

Products We Offer:
Grease Gun, Impact Driver, Impact Wrench, Sawzall, Hackzall, Band Saw, M18 Red Lithium batteries. All other Milwaukee Tools can be special ordered! Call or stop in for pricing!

BX3 Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Consumables
We are an authorized Milwaukee Tool Dealer, we also are selling all of the consumables to go with your power tools! Don’t have Milwaukee? Don’t worry! You can always mix and match your tape measures, wrenches, and more!

Products We Offer:
Sazall and Hackzall, Blade Packages, Titanium and Cobalt, Drill Bits, Concrete Bits, Sockets, Wrenches, Pliers, Tape Measures, Hammers, Screwdrivers, AND MORE!
All other Milwaukee Consumable items can be special ordered per request!

BX3 Spill Response

Connects & Hoses
Quality is vital when working on plumbing projects and were happy to stock a wide variety of products including:

1”-6” Fittings Parts A-F
1”-4” Suction & Discharge Hose
Adapters & Reducers
Band Clamps
Banding Tools
Custom Assemblies
Hose (Cut to length or full rolls)
Strainers & Screens
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BX3 gaskets
A full line of flanges and gaskets, both import and domestic.
We carry: API ring, garlock, spiral, quick connect, threaded, blind, slip-on, lap joint weldneck

BX3 hoses and adapters
Water – Fuel – Hydraulic – Center Punch – Crimped Ends
If you are in need of a completed hose, ready for use, We’ve got you covered!

  • * Water, Fuel, & Discharge Assemblies
  • * Customer Requested Fittings
    * Crimped Fittings available upon request

BX3 & Miles Supply PPE Safety productsSafety Products
Safety should be a priority for your place of business, no matter the industry. All jobs are different and as a result, so are the work conditions. Obtaining workplace safety means the right equipment, tools and accessories. Safety gear refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles or other garments designed to protect your employee’s body from injury or infection.

We carry: Barricades, Cones, Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Flagging, Flares, Gloves, Hardhats,  Harness & Lanyards, Rain Coats/ Suits, Respirators, Slip Deterrents, Traffic Signs/Bases, Tyvek Coveralls, Vests

BX3-Miles Supply ToolsWe carry: Air Fittings, Bolt Cutters, Brooms & Brushes, Buckets, Cable Cutters, Calipers, Clamps, Drills & Bits, Flashlights, Generators, Grease Gun, Hammers, Keys (CAT & Multi-sets), Knife (Utility & Blades), Pipe Stands & Vices, Pliers, Post Hole Drivers, Pressure Washer Fittings, Pipe Threader & Dies, Pumps, Radios (Walkie-Talkie), Saws & Blades, Shovels, Sockets, Tape Measures, Tape, Twine, Wrenches

BX3 erosion control productsErosion Control
We have the supplies to help with your Erosion Control needs.
-Geotextile (woven & non-woven)
-filtrexx SiltoSoxx (rucks & filled)
-straw rolls
-straw/coconut rolls
-filter bags
-silt fence
-safety fence
-stakes & staples
-sand bags (filled & bags only)

-Client Set Restocking Schedules
-Customized Inventory
-Worry-Free Stock Counts
-Fast & Accurate Restocking
We service all inventory needs from Safety Cabinets, Medical Cabinets, and Consumable Cabinets

Miles Supply BX3 cabinet service
Does your company have a safety cabinet or another type of consumable that you restock more than once a week or two?
We offer comprehensive solutions in taking the burden from in house to automatic inventory counts and stocking. You will no longer need to utilize Company Time, Fuel & Labor to fill the items needed on a regular basis.

Binders & Chains (US ONLY, NO IMPORTS)
– Clevis, Hook, & Shackles
– Slings
– Sash Cord
– Bungee Cords
– Hitches & Pins

PA Miles Supply BX3 store staff

BX3 store location is now also Miles Supply. For now, it has the same phone # 570-278-7368 and will still be located at 16 Ellsworth Dr., Montrose, PA