Sandblasting Email Flyer – we customize for you!

Miles Supply your sandblast headquarters
Bucket Blast custom abrasive
Customize your Sand Handler
Stone Tone and lithichrome stone paints
ConX SC70

Miles Supply is your Sandblast Supply Headquarters
We customize – tell us how you want it!
For instance, we have made a custom blend of abrasive that we call BUCKET BLAST to cost less and last longer. The original mix we make is a balanced blend of aggressiveness and longevity. But we can also customize to your needs; do you want it hotter? Do you need to make it last longer to lower the cost? We can alter the blend for you.

Also, did you know that we can customize our SANDHANDLERs, too? We call our front-end unit our CUSTOM CURTAIN, but we can also build the Sandhandler fully automatic sandblast and recovery blast rooms to your specifications.

We have been asked if the Sand Handler could be used for sandblasting glass, to sandblast wood, or even blast metal – YES! This is especially true because of the improved smoother operation of the servo-motor upgrade. With the other applications of glass, wood, or metal verses automatic stone sand blasting; the size of the booth may especially need to be smaller. Give us a call to work it out!

Miles Supply has a specialized formula of stone paint called STONE TONE that has proven superior in real world situations and testing. We also carry the popular Lithichrome stone paint.

Finally, in addition to Kaesar line of compressors, we carry the CONX COMPRESSOR SC70 as a great little but powerful portable compressor that is lighter as well as economical at $8743.75.