Pellegrini DF2000 Wire Saw Customer Testimonial

Diamond wire saw customer testimonial. Pellegrini DF2000
DF2000 quarry wire saw pellegrini“From our initial interest in a wire saw, Miles Supply was able to provide excellent support in finding the best machine for our needs.
With the demands for state of the art, multi-use capabilities, US-based support, and availability, we chose the Pellegrini DF2000 Wire Saw.
Within just a few short months we received our machine and installation was scheduled. The installation and commissioning of the machine could not have gone smoother.
The technicians from Miles Supply and Pellegrini were easy to work with and thorough throughout the training process.
This new wire saw is providing us with the additional capacity we needed to provide highly accurate finished products.”

Chris Upp
Vice President/General Manager
Conco Quarries, Inc.
(417) 742-3521

diamond wire saw quarry pellegrini

Thank you, Chris! We love to hear from our customers; great pictures, too! Our team at Miles Supply is happy to contribute to your continued success.

Single diamond wire saws available in many versions as to control system and to size; for cutting dimensions of up to 3500 mm height and 6 m width.

Single wire saw for dressing blocks and cutting slabs. Has two main flywheels of large diameter (250 or 200 cm as to the maximum cutting height needed) to maximize the cutting speed and the life of the diamond wire. The wire tensioning system is hydraulic.

DF 2000 PLUS
Single wire saw for dressing blocks and cutting slabs; similar to the above wire saw but fitted with a fully electronic control and tensioning system and with a PLC for automatic slabbing.

Single wire saw for dressing blocks but fitted with a 2-axis CNC system that enables cutting of two-dimension profiles as well as slabbing.

VERSIONI ROLLER – All the above machines can be supplied in the Roller or Gantry version; the machine on a track, and the blocks stationary.

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