PadHead™ does more!

Padheads do morePadHead™ does more! The PadHead™, Miles Supply’s patented polishing & grinding head, does more than just one finish. It works on more than one type of machine, and works beautifully on many materials; Granite, Marble, Limestone, Engineered Stone, Sandstone, and Concrete.

When it polishes, it does it brilliantly because it does not wear the granite; it cuts the stone crystals with the resistance of friction! 3-4 independently free-rotating heads within the one head works better and grinds, hones, and polishes quickly. Attach SIC or diamond brushes to achieve the popular leather or antique texture on your stone.

It does more and works better and faster than any other head on the market. Reports from our customers say more than 50% faster production. Wayne Bailey’s opus left Miles Supply with a legacy that continues after him.

PadHead™ does more!
More finishes: Leather finish, brushed texture, antiqued look, brilliant polish, hone or grind for a matte finish.

More machines* CNC Machine, CNC Bridge Saw, Radial Arm Machine, Single Head Polisher, Pellegrini LaRossa, Line Polisher, or a Hand-held Grinder. PadHead Model II and its CNC spring adapter version are shown here. *note: MAX 600rpm

adapters and connections on padheadJust change the attachment, same head (Model II) works on all:
• ISO 40 and ISO 50 cones for CNC
• spring loaded attachment for CNC
• 5/8”-11 grinder/polisher (7″ Low Profile model only)
• 1/2 gas stubbing wheel adapter (7″ Low Profile model only)
We can customize your adapter to your specifications!Material

(For Serp tops use the PadHead Model I or N60 style PadHead)

Versatile materials

Materials include: Tested on Granite, Marble, Limestone, Engineered Stone, Sandstone, and Concrete.

600rpm max

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