For our Hardscape Customers!

This just in – our samples for Cleaners were so popular at the last Show, we’ll also bring some to the Northeast Hardscape Expo! Check it out at our booth #114 before they’re gone.

Hardscape. For our customers who do hardscaping and landscaping, we’ve collected some of our many products here to shop for what you need. Click on Request a Quote buttons to assemble your list!

Hardscape supplies from Miles Supply

hardscape products from Miles Supplyhardscape anti-skid and texture from Lupatohardscape using PadHead by Miles SupplyHardscape Customers: Find what you’re looking for then
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Power tools including pneumatic and electric hand grinders, stone saw, sander
Diamond Blades including Vortex, Excelerator, Alpha, Husqvarna, Concrete
Carbide Hand tools including chipper, tracer, and handset chisel styles
Sledge Hammers and miscellaneous tools
Tools, signs, concrete saws, and compressors
Setting bars, slings, shackles, and rigging
Epoxy and setting compound
Safety equipment PPE
Stencil supplies and stone paint or Stencil service: pre-cut stencil

Lupato product info for ant-skid and texture
PadHeadPatch Kit, PadHead for flat hone and polishing, PadHead for polishing contours

Hardscape Products (pdf file)